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User Testing

Improve the user experience of your app by real world testing across a wider demographic and device coverage through real users crowdsourced by oprimes.

Functional Testing

Detailed functional testing through low-level test cases.Testing of standard flows, business rules, navigation, crashes, integrations and interfaces.

Cross Browser Testing

Exploratory testing through test scenarios. Software Testing in real-conditions on real devices across multiple browsers for compatibility of websites and webapps.

Compatibility Testing

Guided exploratory testing through test scenarios. Software Testing in real-conditions on real devices. Compatibility of app for various types of crashes - broken links, UI, navigation, integrations.

Beta Testing

Structured beta testing to assess market readiness of the app in live conditions. Sometimes it is also known as User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Localization Testing

Detailed localization QA testing covers multi-lingual text and UI compatibility, orientations, expressions, much more.

Network Testing

Analysis of live performance of your app for streaming speed, page rendering, upload / download speeds, application size, battery consumption, memory & CPU utilization, under diverse network conditions.

Usability Testing

Usability assessment with real users in real devices across multiple geographic locations in the targeted age group to gauge the overall user experience of the app.

Production Testing

Live user audits for apps and services, sanity testing, ad-hoc testing and new launch testing of your software application.

Market Analysis

Get a thorough QA testing of your app or website to further improve the user experience from our various available usability testing QA services.

User Research

Both qualitative and quantitative user experience study is conducted over target demographic to evaluate the overall impact of app on the users and identify areas of improvement.

Competitor Analysis

Analysis of similar apps or services in the market is performed on standard parameters to identify market position and areas of improvement.

Sentiment Analysis

Oprimes provides with sentiment analysis for the survey responses to depict the reviews received. Obtain a deeper understanding of the users' requirement with less or no effort at all.

Telecom VAS and OTT

Live user audits for apps and services at the desired location and network. Spot checks of given link / test case / task at the desired location and network.

Micro Tasks

Multilingual content validation, data and image validation, content localization of global software.

QA Packages

Take your app or website to market faster than ever with our packaged Quality Assurance solutions for your “go-to-market” needs

Test Automation

Access ready-to-use automation frameworks for multi-browser web apps, multi-device mobile apps, and APIs. Get your own frameworks designed on the latest tool/technology through architects. Achieve scale through on-demand scripting by automation engineers.

Regression Testing

Get a modularized and prioritized regression suite designed with risk-based-testing methodology. Achieve scale through on-demand execution of regression suite within hours by qualified testers having relevant domain expertise.

Performance Testing

Ready-to-use Apache Jmeter / Neoload based load/performance testing setup for concurrent usage, throughput, CPU and Memory utilization.

Security Testing

Assessing static or dynamic app security through exploratory mode or through threat model as per security standards such as OWASP, HIPPA, PCI etc.

Accessibility Testing

Assessing app accessibility through exploratory mode or through test plan as per accessibility standards such as WCAG 2.0 / 2.1 AA, AAA or Standard 508.

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We understand your need to deliver premium quality app at an affordable cost. oprimes ensures that you worry less about the quality assurance of your app and spend more time in adding exciting new features. With oprimes application quality assurance testing solutions in real world conditions, your app’s enhanced user experience will in turn contribute to increased revenue and hence, attract potential investors and other important stakeholders.

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