Our Mission

Make practical learning easily accessible for QA professionals to help them upskill and be ready for the industry.

Who are we?

Experienced QA Professionals with combined
QA experience of 50+

Course designed by an expert team having worked with multiple unicorn startups and Fortune 500 firms.

What we are trying to achieve?

Exposure to diverse skills in demand for QA Industry.

Up skilling and growth of Oprimes tester community.

Generating synergies via cross-learning within the community

Exposure to latest tools and technology

Why do it now?

Dearth of rightly skilled QA professionals in the post pandemic world. Industry needs QA with advance skills.

Leading organisations reaching out for Oprimes support in facilitating high skilled QA.

Oprimes has the worldwide
network of testers that helps you deliver better products






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Bugs reported

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