Improve the quality, release velocity, and user experience of your digital app by testing on a wide range of platforms in the real-world conditions.

  • Functional
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility
  • App Performance

Oprimes 360 degrees coverage: User Testing

Functional testing:

Validates whether the application has the desired functionality and if all business flows operate as anticipated, resulting in a high-quality end product.
Compatibility testing:

Multiplatform, multi-browser, and multi-device testing performed to ensure that the software runs seamlessly in different kinds of environments.
UI testing:

Design layout consistency, navigation throughout the application, links, and buttons work without disruptions validated to enhance the application quality.
UX testing:

Simple usage, ensuring end-user response and association with the application to provide a seamless experience and defect-free from an end-user perspective.
App performance testing:

App launch, crashes, ANR, hangs, download, loading, installation, upgrade use cases verification, and validation.
Localization testing:

To verify the application adapts to specific regions or locations by validating the behavior, accuracy, expressions, multi-lingual text, orientations, and much more.
Exploratory testing:

Trying to break the application through our highly skilled and expert test community.
Payment testing:

Verifying transactions using real user accounts and active payment instruments.

When do you go for user testing?

  • Delivering superlative user experience is important to ensure increased adoption and usage of digital applications. However, developing a UI that is aptly suited to user needs is a major challenge for product teams.
  • Usually, applications have way too many aspects to assess, and that too in very little time. Ensuring multi-platform functionality and suitability with the target user demographic, all at a controlled cost can be challenging.

A solution that works for you

  • To test your digital application for optimal user experience, you must ensure that it is validated by a diverse group of test users across a range of demographics and devices that resemble your customers.
  • Oprimes helps you test your application with individuals outside of your organizational network to collect opinions, analysis, and solutions. With this model, you can quickly support new product launches or enter new geographically pertinent business locales without hiring more employees.
Achieve high-quality digital applications with great user experience with the scale, speed, and flexibility of user testing.

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Oprimes Helped Global Travelling & Tourism Company With Localization Crowdtesting Across 30 countries.

Oprimes was able to scale to over 50 test users within 48 hours, thus facilitating extremely fast turnaround times (TAT). 

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When can you say your mobile app
is market-ready?

All the founders and product managers ideate, conceptualise, prototype and develop the mobile app hoping for good user adoption and engagement rate. User experience is critical to any app’s usability for a user to attain the value promised.

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