When can you say your mobile app is market ready?

posted on 09 Mar 2019

All the founders and product managers ideate, conceptualise, prototype and develop the mobile app hoping for good user adoption and engagement rate. Well, this is a very reasonable expectation considering the efforts and emotions put throughout the app development lifecycle and yet not all mobile apps that get launched on app/play stores get enough expected traction. One of the many reasons could be the app not being “market ready“. Market readiness of the mobile app can be broadly understood as follows:

  • Mobile App provides seamless user experience

User experience is critical to any app’s usability for a user to attain the value promised by the app. Even if the mobile app is solving a very crucial problem of its users but has a poor usability with respect to higher load time, distorted UI, important call-to-actions (CTAs) not prominently visible, poor deep linking across the navigated app screens for quick navigation path reversal, and so much more. You must ensure the usability of the app is seamless and user friendly for its effectiveness in solving the real problem of its users.

  • Consistent app behaviour across all user flows

It’s not uncommon where developers might fail to think through all the edge use-case scenarios with respect to any particular user flow(s). Therefore, whenever a user follows a journey on the app that wasn’t accounted in the logic, the app might break or show an unexpected behaviour. This adds to user drop-off, in fact, potentially leading to uninstalling the app too.

  • Perform high on different network carriers

Considering an app’s wider acceptance demography, the users will be subscribed to various network providers and might be located at diverse geographic locations with different internet connectivity spectrums. The app must perform indifferently for all the users connected to different network carriers in different parts of the country and globe, for that matter.

  • Iterative feedback loop

Meeting user’s expectations with the performance and usability of the app in first attempt is always a challenge considering the quality of already evolved competitive apps in the industry. Therefore, having a strong feedback acknowledgement and redressal turn around time through continuous testing of subsequent builds help improve the quality of the mobile app progressively. This process increases the mobile app market readiness with every deployment.

“A mediocre mobile app with great usability and data security will always outweigh great app solving an important problem with bad usability and data security.”

oprimes, through its diverse solutions, ensure for any pre-production or post production mobile app to meet all the requisites through performance testing, usability testing, continuous testing and so much more to enhance the market acceptance and usability rate. If you are looking for your app to get market ready:

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