Look no further for your testing needs when oprimes has got you covered all the way.

Only platform with end-to-end
digital quality solution

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Only platform with end-to-end digital quality solution

Oprimes uses the strength of technology and human resource to make the products bug-free

O-primes is a user-friendly platform that provides you with a wide variety of options to choose from. Let only the experienced testers and the advanced technology be used for your products to be tested.

End-to-end testing solution
from bug management to survey
with proper reports

Now anybody can test from a diverse list of applications.
Our comprehensive interface allows anyone to become a tester and earn money with zero investment.

Project Creation

Project Managers can create projects with all the details to get tested.

Tester Coverage Configuration

Project Manager can configure the tester and device coverage for the testing cycle.

Bug Management

It is easier to triage bugs reported by testers of the project and communicate with them.

Analytics Dashboard

Graphical insights on severity distribution across multiple modules of the project.

Survey Builder

Surveys can be built with various types of questions for testers to respond to them.


Downloadable reports allows Project Managers to share insights with their seniors in the organization.

Tester Leaderboard

It allows to shortlist the creme testers for testing the project.

Job Portal

Businesses can hire testers for on-site/remote testing of their products.

Trusted by great brands & market leaders

Many businesses across the globe trust us with their digital quality needs and believe we are the best

O-primes mobile app testing services and a worldwide network of testers can help you deliver better products






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India’s Largest Crowd Testing SaaS Platform. A product of Qualitrix helping both startups & enterprises to deliver bestseller apps.

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