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oprimes uses of technology

oprimes uses the strength of technology and human resource to make the products bug-free.

oprimes is a user-friendly platform which provides you with a wide variety of options to choose from. Let only the experienced testers and the advanced technology be used for your products to be tested.

oprimes business


oprimes for Business

oprimes caters for all your testing needs to help you develop a bug-free, market-ready product faster.

oprimes testers


oprimes for Testers

Become a part of our 1000+ testers' community from across the globe, test new products, and get attractive rewards and payouts.


Choose the best option for your business

Customize your testing needs, pay-as-you-go, and get a solution to meet any of your requirements.

oprimes product option

End to end testing solution from bug management to survey with proper reports

Now anybody can test from a diverse list of applications. Our comprehensive interface allows anyone to become a tester and earn money with zero investment.

Project Creation

Project Managers can create projects with all the details to get tested.

Tester Coverage Configuration

Project Manager can configure the tester and device coverage for the testing cycle.

Bug Management

It is easier to triage bugs reported by testers of the project and communicate with them.

Analytics Dashboard

Graphical insights on severity distribution across multiple modules of the project.

Survey Builder

Surveys can be built with various types of questions for testers to respond to them.


Downloadable reports allows Project Managers to share insights with their seniors in the organization.

Tester Leaderboard

It allows to shortlist the creme testers for testing the project.

Job Portal

Businesses can hire testers for on-site/remote testing of their products.

  • oprimes-feature-bugreporting

    Bug Reporting

    Bug reporting tool in the platform is highly organized in terms of reporting and triage for one or more releases of your product. ​​​​​​​

    oprimes lets you track, search, sort, and report on bugs and is a great value for your money.

  • oprimes-feature-survey-module

    Survey Module

    You name it, we have it! Built custom surveys in any format as per your requirement and generate quick test responses.

    Send out your survey to the huge database all the while maintaining the security of your information.

  • oprimes-feature-bugreporting

    User Rewards & Payouts

    oprimes is the community of and for the testers which provides attractive rewards for its users.

    The payouts are almost immediate and definitely provides value for your efforts and time.

  • oprimes-feature-survey-module

    Sentimental Analysis

    oprimes provides with sentimental analysis for the survey responses to depict the reviews received. Obtain a deeper understanding of the users' requirement with less or no efforts at all. ​​​​​​​

  • oprimes-feature-tester-workflow

    Tester Profile & Leaderboard

    An attractive space for the testers to build their profile with key information such as skills, experience, languages etc to be discovered.

    Competitive leaderboard motivates the tester to be more productive and deliver the best version of themselves.

  • oprimes moible application


    Test On the fly, with oprimes mobile application

    oprimes is soon introducing a mobile application for making your testing experience more flexible. Gear up for a new-age testing experience.

See what our happy testers have to say


Sokhavong, Cambodia

I feel great joining as the oprimes Freelance tester. Regardless of my belonging from a different country and timezone, I can still complete my tasks with ease by remotely working for projects. I must say oprimes is a best crowd testing company allowing a great sense of teamwork among the testers community.


Mahmoud Desouky, Egypt

About my experience with oprimes: it's so interesting to work with this collaborative and helpful team, the competitive environment drive's you to success


Jutyar Khalid, Iraq

When I was discussing my collaboration with them, they were so quick that I thought it was a spam, but when we started, and they are second to none. Therefore; one of the best things of 2017 was my engagement with oprimes. They are professional and easy going. I had many testing experiences before, but none of them looked as comfortable as this one. I wish our existing collaboration go for many years.


Mahmoud Desouky, Egypt

About my experience with oprimes: it's so interesting to work with this collaborative and helpful team, the competitive environment drive's you to success

Integrations through platforms

oprimes provides a platform for high-end integration tools to choose from

pCloudy logo


Automation testing for mobile apps

pCloudy Integration to the platform enables you to test your mobile apps too in the same platform with ease.

Echoza logo


Real Time error reporting for your deployed apps

An integrated echo mechanism to watch over your product's performance and improve user experience by cutting down the resolution time

Frugal Testing logo

Frugal Testing

Load Test your web & mobile apps

Load and performance testing needs for web and mobile apps covered with Frugal Testing integrated in our platform.

oprimes has the worldwide network of testers that helps you deliver better products






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