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O-primes have helped globally hundreds of businesses & brands across all industries. Our solutions successfully delivered 400+ firms' growth from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 giants.

A Blockbuster OTT App Release

How Oprimes helped a leading Media & Entertainment player turnaround its OTT app rating from 2.7 to 4.4 in 3 weeks.

Launching An EdTech Unicorn Start-up

Delivering high-end eLearning experience for India’s largest online higher education company.

Crowdtesting Partner for Award-Winning Multisensory EdTech Literacy Platform.

27 Test Cycles with 30 crowd testers each, which led to 810 defects being reported and it included 450 high-level test scenarios’ design and execution.

Oprimes Partners with an
E-Commerce Goliath to Deliver Cutting-Edge Digital Experience across 26 Countries & 5 Languages.

88 crowd testers and 5 crowd champions helped real-world people test for real-world situations.

Oprimes Builds Quality Assurance Team & Enhances User Experience for a Leading E-Commerce Eyewear Brand.

High service quality: Delivered 10 releases in 6 months across Mobile and Web platforms.

Oprimes Helped Global Travelling & Tourism Company With Localization Crowdtesting Across 30 countries.

Oprimes was able to scale to over 50 test users within 48 hours, thus facilitating extremely fast turnaround times (TAT). In addition, the test cycle time was 33% less than conventional testing methodologies.

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