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Success Story of Agile Usability Testing in Optimizing an E-Commerce Website’s User Experience

Success Story of Agile Usability Testing in Optimizing an E-Commerce Website’s User Experience

Want to know how your customers really feel about your purchase funnel? Oprimes has the answers!


  • Oprimes optimized a luxury fashion e-commerce website to enhance user experience. The website had a high cart abandonment rate and low conversion rates due to its non-user-friendly interface.
  • Oprimes selected Arabic-speaking users to test the purchase funnel using the thinking-aloud method. The testing helped to identify the root cause of cart abandonment, improve the product details page, and optimize filtering and sorting options. As a result, customer satisfaction, loyalty, and conversion rates increased.
  • Oprimes use of real-world testers provided valuable insights that internal testing could not have uncovered.

Introduction and Background Information:

A luxury fashion house e-commerce website approached Oprimes with a request to optimize the shopping experience on its e-commerce website. The goal of this collaboration was to understand:

  • How the experience of browsing the catalogue on the e-commerce website was perceived by real users.
  • Whether the navigation and information were clear enough to allow users to find what they were looking for and to place desired products in their shopping cart.

About Oprimes:

Oprimes is Asia’s largest User Testing Platform where you can get instant user insights on your app/website from real-world testers. Oprimes uses its crowd community for effective testing and real insights, fast and at any time needed.

The Challenge:

The challenge that the luxury fashion house e-commerce website was facing was to optimize the shopping experience on its e-commerce website. To achieve this, Oprimes was tasked with assessing the usability of the website with real users. While the website had a wide variety of products, it was not user-friendly, which made it difficult for users to navigate and find what they were looking for. This resulted in a high cart abandonment rate, low conversion rates, and reduced customer satisfaction.


  1. We hand-selected Arabic-speaking users from our community to test our entire purchase funnel using the thinking-aloud method.
  2. We asked users to view our homepage, search for products using filters and guided searches, interact with product details, and complete the checkout and registration process.
  3. But we didn’t stop there – we made the experience as natural and realistic as possible by having users purchase products using a dummy credit card.
  4. By using the thinking-aloud method, we were able to identify real feelings and obstacles encountered by users, leaving behind assumptions and implementing changes based on objective data produced by end-users.
  5. Our approach helped us to identify issues and make necessary corrections, providing an optimized user experience for our customers.
  6. We even divided our users into groups based on location and age to get a more comprehensive understanding of user behavior.


The e-commerce client was able to understand the improved user experience by identifying potential issues or obstacles that users may encounter when navigating the website. By identifying and addressing usability issues, customers had a positive experience when shopping on the website, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased loyalty. One common problem on e-commerce websites is cart abandonment. Testing with Oprimes helped to identify the root cause of this issue and provide insights on how to reduce it, such as by simplifying the checkout process or providing clearer instructions. Oprimes also provided insights on how to improve the product details page and optimize the filtering and sorting options to enable users to find what they are looking for more easily. After identifying the key issues by testing with Oprimes, the e-commerce website became a more well-designed and user-friendly platform, which eventually helped to increase conversion rates and boost sales. The website also gained a competitive advantage in the market.


  1. We played a significant role in helping a luxury fashion house e-commerce website achieve just that.
  2. By using the thinking-aloud method and real-world testers, we provided insights that couldn’t have been obtained through assumptions or internal testing.
  3. These improvements resulted in higher customer satisfaction, increased loyalty, and higher conversion rates – all key factors in staying ahead of the competition.
  4. Our vision of making testing convenient for anyone who owns a digital device contributed to the success of the project, making it accessible for anyone looking to improve their website’s performance.
  5. Trust Oprimes to provide the cutting-edge insights you need to stay competitive in the ever-changing world of e-commerce.

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