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Gain bugs, user feedback, platform & location coverage, and real user data for AI annotations.

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Is your chatbot intelligent enough for your users?

Learn how Oprimes trained and validated an AI chatbot, to enhance its maturity significantly for an Australian tech firm.


Oprimes provides 360⁰ testing on completely PayPerUse basis, delivered by professional testers from a curated tester community, with access to any device-platform, and ready-to-use testcases

Focus group testing

Test-user groups from desired demographic available to provide UX feedback on-demand.

Multi-platform testing

Business critical scenarios & crash testing on your desired devices, platforms & networks.

Automated app analytics

Get Graphical insights on severity distribution across multiple modules of the project.

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The on-demand model based on the principle of managed crowdsourcing, successfully delivered to 400+ firms from growth stage startups to fortune 500 giants

Intelligent Testing platform that enables 360º testing of your apps through a managed crowdsourcing model that seamlessly integrates with your dev life cycle.

A global curated community of professional testers and test-users carefully built over last 5 years. Access to 10000+ devices including latest models and OS versions.

Testing expertise of delivering 1000+ crowdtesting assignments, and a leadership team that consults 5 of the top 10 IT Services firms on crowdtesting.

A test lab with over 100s of test engineers working on process innovation & automation, reusable testcase designing, and non-functional utilities to continuously innovate in all areas of quality.


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How Oprimes works

With our technology enabled process, it is easy to get started with oprimes. You provide us with your testing requirement. A test lead will utilize the platform’s pool of professional testers and handpick the ones matching your desired specifications. You will start receiving test results such as bugs, assessments and other user insights on your application within hours.

A global curated community of professional testers and test-users carefully built over last 5 years








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