Improve user experience faster by real-world testing

With access to professional testers anytime anywhere on any device, configuration or language, achieving your quality goals has never been easier.

Market Leaders that trust oprimes

  • Your crowd testing solution was very effective in taking care of functional and compatibility testing of the apps and services used by users all over India. The VAS solutions from the team were very helpful in stabilising the app for the target market. The real world testing was very helpful in identifying end user issues in the target market.

  • Your solutions have been a great help for us to get infield support from various countries, majorly from MEA SEA and European country. Its been really helpful for doing our integration testing onfield to gain confidence in real time environment. Also with remote access our technical team has been able to do quick RCA and solution building. Thanks Team!


Real world testing

Testing in real-world conditions on multiple devices and configurations by professional testers, allow you to deploy a world class app in your target market with higher reliability and acceptance.

Gaining insights on user experience through user testing and market analysis provides intelligence on your app's quality and market alignment, and helps you in charting out a comprehensive go-to-market plan with complete confidence.

How oprimes real world testing differs?

With an experience of delivering more than 400 testing projects and a leadership that provides crowdtest consulting to 5 out of top 10 global IT services firms, we have developed best practices to make you deliver top quality apps to the market.

  • Qualified tester network with proven track
  • Personalized focus on each client through a dedicated test consultant
  • High focus on delivering top quality results
  • Guarantee to achieve planned test coverage
  • Testers available with niche technical skills

Why you need oprimes

We understand your need to deliver premium quality app at an affordable cost. oprimes ensures that you worry less about your app quality and spend more time in adding exciting new features to your app.

With oprimes crowd testing solutions in real world conditions, your app's enhanced user experience will in turn contribute to increased revenue and hence, attract potential investors and other important stakeholders.


How oprimes works

With our technology enabled process, it is easy to get started with oprimes. You provide us with your testing requirement. A test lead will utilize the platform's pool of professional testers and handpick the ones matching your desired specifications. You will start receiving test results such as bugs, assessments and other user insights on your application within hours.


Case studies


After failing to go-live for 6 months, this UK start-up could launch their app within 1 month of registering with oprimes.


How this billion-$ Australian media house uses oprimes to continuously improve their consumer apps.

Infinitum Case Study / Test automation

Leading Internet business gets their entire regression suite automated within 12 weeks.