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Flawless apps with an AI-driven crowdsourcing platform

Zero production issues | Enhanced user experience | Accurate AI behaviour

Your partner in digital excellence for every market release, delivering reliable, scalable & secure real-world apps.

Trusted by 50+ Global Clients

Empowering solution for every need

40,000 testers in over 130 countries offering massive coverage of devices, platforms, demographics, locations through an AI engine that identifies and generates targeted personas to perform real-world testing and data collection within minutes.

qMonitor & qReady

  • 50 to 500 live testers validating app on all possible combinations of devices, platforms, payment methods, network SIMs, in all major language, locations and demographics, to save production leakages
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uReview & uCompare

  • 100 to 1000 test users from desired demographic share quick and continuous feedback on self / competitor’s app to ensure user alignment with every new app features
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User data for AI Training & Maturity

  • 1000s of test users enable accelerated data collection, processing, annotation and validation at massive scale
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Real-time Results

  • CXO dashboard with live market pulse
  • Bug reports with logs, video evidences and RCA
  • User surveys, interviews,UX expert recommendation
  • Processed real-user data at massive scale
  • AI maturity assessment
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“With Oprimes, the transformation in our production app has been remarkable. We've encountered nearly zero production issues, and the user rating has increased to 4.4 within this release.”

Dilip Chandra, Aha

Dilip Chandra

VP Products & Analytics, Aha

Ref: Android Playstore

Exponential success delivered for our clients within ten quarters of inception


global lives impacted


apps delivered with growth
in revenue, user base & valuation


Countries around the globe
participate with Oprimes

More data. More insights

With the diversity and coverage of our testing community and speed of our AI platform, imagine what you can achieve if you have the right insights on your app, your market and your competition!

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bugs & counting


user inputs

CEO & founder

Our CEO will gift you his car

...if you find another platform that lets you do all these things

  • CEO & founder

    AI-engine to identify and create all possible target personas

  • CEO & founder

    Massive test coverage on every possible device within minutes

  • CEO & founder

    Indepth user insights from any demography across the globe

  • CEO & founder

    Specialist user data at scale to fast-track training of AI-models

  • CEO & founder

    Intelligent workflows to collect bugs, feedbacks, & user data

  • CEO & founder

    AI dashboard to track real-time app behaviour in live market

  • CEO & founder

    Reduce app launch time by 40%

  • CEO & founder

    Increase launch accuracy & acceptance by 85%

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