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Real World Data &

A platform that allows humans to train and assess apps at massive scale, on all possible real-world conditions to make the apps more effective and intelligent.

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    Delivering Real-world Data & Quality At Scale To Make Your Digital & AI Apps More Effective & Intelligent

    When you choose us, you are choosing “Experts, Technology and Process”, which elevates the impact across our solutions.

    Real-world Quality Assurance

    We make your apps reliable, consistent and secure in real-world conditions across all user types

    User Testing & Research

    We make your apps likeable by gaining early user feedbacks to enhance the user experience and engage more users.

    AI Data Collection & Validation

    We collect large scale realuser data to train & assess your AI model; and also perform data validation tasks at scale.

    Integrating Human Potential
    with Technology and AI


    Delivering Real-world Solutions At Scale For Your Digital & AI Apps.

    The platform allows your product teams to run various tests and researches with large-scale focused test-user types to gain bugs, feedbacks, coverage assurance and analytics over hundreds of handpicked device models, configurations and locations.

    • Real-world Coverage
    • Intelligence & Analytics
    • Automated Workflows
    • Massive Global Community
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    Coverage to all user types in your Target Market

    Select all possible combinations of intended user types to match your target market and collect data and/or validate quality of your apps in real-world conditions.


    Location, Language, User Demographic


    Laptop, Mobile, TVs, Connected & IoT, Gaming Consoles, Handsets


    Cards, Wallets, Net Banking, QR Code.


    Browsers, OS Versions, SIM Networks, Resolutions.


    Apps, SMS, Data, IVR, USSD, Voice, Video, Notifications.

    Generative AI

    Data Collection, Annotation, Validation.


    Countries Active

    Experts across the globe with diverse skillsets to match the domain of your app.


    Real Devices

    Global users equipped with multiple devices that brings you valuable insights.


    Diverse Applications

    Oprimes crowd have tested more than 200 different variety of applications.

    Get App Quality Assesment At Scale

    Any Location | Any Platform | Any User Demographic | Any Scale

    •   Controlled Production Issues

    •   Increased User Engagement

    •   Improved AI & Data Output

    Scaling App Experiences with Oprimes

    Showcasing the impact powered by Oprimes for global brands, across industries

    Api Integrations

    A success story about identifying issues with Google Maps API, payment gateways and compatibility, for a popular ride-sharing platform.

    Discover how a leading ride-sharing platform achieved success by overcoming compatibility issues with Google Maps API

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    Is your chatbot intelligent enough for your users?

    Learn how Oprimes trained and validated an AI chatbot, to enhance its maturity significantly for an Australian tech firm.


    Success Story of Agile Usability Testing in Optimizing an E-Commerce Website's User Experience

    Optimizing an e-commerce website’s user experience.

    Micro Innovation Macro Impact

    Now anybody can test from a diverse list of applications. Our comprehensive interface allows anyone to become a tester and earn money with zero investment

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    Testing App performance across 10 Cities & 50 latest market devices

    50+ testers across multiple cities and devices distributed across INDIA and performing tests

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    QR Code launch and performance analysis in real field conditions with real merchants codes.

    400 testers across 20 cities conducting competitor analysis agains Paytm, Gpay, BharatPe

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    Continous UAT and Beta Testing for launch with any latest OEMs and Platforms coverage

    200+ mobile devices tested for functional, compatibility, performance issues

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    Usability study to assess the CRO by test users with Arabic language speaking proficiency

    Conducted unmoderated video narrations/ think aloud video studies with selective group of test users from target demographic to understand user behaviour for this ecommerce platform

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    Data creation and validation of facial recognition AI App for diverse users across 20 countries

    Facial recognition AI model training and validation with 400+ users across multiple countries creating 24000 data sets for various ethnicity

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    Conversational Chatbot Validation and Maturity testing with 30000+ data set

    Strategic QA partners for Conversational AI (Chat bot) maturity analysis, training and validation for multiple chat bots developed for clients

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    Achieved user insights for more than 20+ apps in different locations of Australia and New Zealand

    Multiple 50 tester cycles for 20+ web/iOS/Android apps in Australia

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    SaaS set up to self –manage crowdtesting with 100 testers to run multiple test cycles

    Multiple Test runs to assess usability and App functionality across PAN india cities for web and mobile platform

    Scale Your App Experience with Oprimes

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