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  • Live user audits
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  • Troubleshooting in the field
  • Launch support
User Acceptance Testing

Our Focused User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Approach:

We will provide you with support in the form of a thorough testing strategy and use cases that are all created to ensure that we help testers locate bugs prior to the release of the product. In order to accurately simulate real user journeys, tests are conducted under realistic circumstances. Our project managers compile the results of the test, analyze them, and then inform you as to whether your website, mobile app, or other digital product is stable enough to be made available to the public.

App Field Testing:

The objective of field testing is to determine how an application functions before it is available to end-users. As a result, teams conduct tests to see how end users use the application after the initial, frequent use in a real-world setting.
Network Testing:

Analysis of live performance of your app for streaming speed, page rendering, upload / download speeds, application size, battery consumption, memory & CPU utilization, under diverse network conditions.
Beta Testing:

Assessing user satisfaction and confirming release readiness. These tests give users a tour of the product to determine whether or not users enjoy it.

When do you go for user acceptance testing?

  • You might not be able to see things objectively because of operational blindness, and end-user needs are rarely readily apparent.
  • As a result, it’s crucial to continually assess how well your digital product meets the expectations of your target audience before it is released to the market. But getting access to objective customer feedback is frequently expensive and time-consuming.

A solution that works for you

  • In order to improve the user experience for your customers, user acceptance testing is a quick and effective way to find weaknesses and strengths in your digital products. To make sure that your application is stable and fast, UAT helps to improve the application success by providing trend-based suggestions for a successful outcome.
  • By allowing testers to use their devices in the real world and use their applications as end users would, it identifies problems that may be frequently reported after product launch.
Live testing to ensure a seamless customer experience!

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The Ins and Outs of Beta Testing: How to Ensure End User Satisfaction

Beta tests are an opportunity for you, the developer or company owner–to understand your product better before releasing it. By thoroughly investigating any issues such as experience flow, usability and other aspects, you can ensure a successful product launch.

Understanding Beta Testing

Beta testing is one of the final processes in our SDLC (software development life cycle) before releasing the product to the market in the software testing process. Customer validation or user-end testing are other terms for beta testing.

Our Latest Case Study!

Oprimes Helped Global Travelling & Tourism Company With Localization Crowdtesting Across 30 countries.

Oprimes was able to scale to over 50 test users within 48 hours, thus facilitating extremely fast turnaround times (TAT). In addition, the test cycle time was 33% less than conventional testing methodologies.

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