Train your AI/ML apps with real human data annotations

  • Training and validation
  • Chatbot
  • Facial Recognition

Why Test AI/ML ?

Training and validation are the most important aspects to be taken care of for any AI/ML-based applications.

AI/ML Validation with multidimensional test framework.


Why test with oprimes?

We at Oprimes have defined a ready-to-use framework that provides 360-degree coverage to a Chatbot on its functional, conversational, usability, and maturity aspect.

Oprimes is helping more than 20 firms in delivering a mature Chatbot testing solution to their users, and also partners with many Chatbot development agencies in building an intelligent solution for their customers.

Our Latest Case Studies!

Building an intelligent Chatbot Application?

Continuously enhance and assess Chatbot maturity via crowdsourced testing and training!

AI Face Recognition APP Training

Improve AI-ML-based facial recognition application accuracy by validation through diverse real data sets using a user testing model.

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