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  • Moderated and unmoderated Test
  • Competitor analysis

Elevate your user experience with our curated usability testing approach

We at oprimes identify test users that meet your geographic location in the targeted age group to gauge the overall user experience of the app, followed by which a detailed analysis and suggestions will be shared.

User survey:

A questionnaire will be created, and test participants will be asked to share their thoughts, express their opinions, and understand how people use the product or any application.
Competitor Analysis:

Analysis of similar apps or services in the market on standard parameters to identify market position and areas of improvement.
Moderated testing:

A moderated test is a live interview with a person who evaluates your product or service (or the idea, model, or design of that product or service). These interviews concentrate on learning more about user behavior and decision-making.
Unmoderated testing:

Unmoderated testing refers to the completion of predetermined tasks by contributors without the supervision of a moderator. The contributor chooses the test's timing and location, and they offer feedback while they record their session.

When do you go for usability testing?

Any digital application’s success depends on how user-friendly it is, and if it is not, users will probably stop using it. Customers won’t come back even if your application performs exactly as it should unless it is simple to use and intuitive.

A solution that works for you

To ensure that the design of your digital application functions properly, is simple for the intended users to use, and that all assumptions and hypotheses need to be validated in order to prevent users from leaving and visiting a competitor’s website or app. Therefore, testing with actual users and making sure that your website or app is easy to use is one of the most crucial processes.

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Usability Testing Methods and Research Techniques

With a group of representative users, usability testing examines how simple a product or an application is to use. It is all about getting real people to interact with a website, app, or product you’ve built and observe their behaviour and reactions to it.

Conducting Usability Testing on Your Products: The Ultimate Guide

The end-user should always be at the center of any digital product development. However, software companies often fail to incorporate their perspectives and valuable feedback during the development stages. 

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