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Oprimes Helped Global Travelling & Tourism Company With Localization Crowdtesting Across 30 countries.

Oprimes Helped Global Travelling & Tourism Company With Localization Crowdtesting Across 30 countries.

About the Client

The client is an international travel firm that specializes in airfare booking and has online and retail travel outlets in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Asia.

As a travel technology firm, the client develops vital solutions that assist airlines and airports, hotels and trains, search engines, travel agencies, tour operators, and other players in the travel ecosystem around the world run their operations and improve the experience of travelers billions of times a year.


The client needed a quality assurance partner to test their periodic upgrades across mobile and web app in UK and international markets. Additionally, they wanted to deliver world-class digital experience for their 24-hour global booking system via testing –

The goal was to complete the following tasks:

  • Functional compatibility testing on a variety of PC/Mobile OS and browsers in three different cities of UK
  • Feedback from the target population on their user experience


O-primes, India’s leading digital assurance and crowd testing platform, assembled a team of 34 crowd testers spread across three cities in the United Kingdom, far ahead of schedule.

  • Selection of adept crowd testers was conducted during the engagement from a group of 30,000 people in three cities throughout the United Kingdom, for each test cycle.
  • Coverage and representation of the target device models, system configurations, and geographic areas was adhered to, to build the pool of crowd testers
  • Thorough due diligence was followed by O-primes for each crowd tester before being allowed access to the app or website.
  • Secure channel of distribution was set up when enabling access to the website and app.

Key Highlights

Oprimes’ lent key execution differentiators through this engagement:

  • Wide coverage: All the desired device configurations including 22 combinations across devices and OS’s. This execution panned across the three cities in the UK.
  • Comprehensive testing: As many as 4 system upgrades were tested over a 3-month timeframe for the two applications
  • Business critical bugs and issues unearthed
  • 460+ functional and UI defects were reported by the testers. 8% of these defects were blocker & critical issues
  • Enhanced User experience: or the two applications, a sizeable set of user experience questionnaires were collected to build insights
  • Speed of execution: For each round of test execution was completed in a record time of one week by the O-primes team

Services Used

Functional behavior | multi-channel compatibility


The client gained confidence in the quality assurance of application compatibility and localization on the back of early detection and fixes of the issues.

This helped the business with localization across 30 LATAM countries and the European Union in 5 different languages. The extensive coverage across the top networks and various devices built ensured high quality user experience across the spectrum of customer segments and technology

The solution provided was cost efficient and economically viable. For each cycle the cost parity revealed that 30 crowdsourced testers equaled one outsourced resource.

Using the same modality of testing, Oprimes’ average test coverage per cycle was 5 times higher than the industry average. The team at Oprimes was able to scale to over 50 test users within 48 hours, thus facilitating extremely fast turn around times (TAT). In addition, the test cycle time was 33% less than conventional testing methodologies.

The time to go to market, extensive coverage of devices, expertise of testing community, localization, execution excellence and cost efficiencies together contributed to a rich digital experience and seamless operations for the client.


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