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Crowdtesting Partner for Award-Winning Multisensory EdTech Literacy Platform.

Crowdtesting Partner for Award-Winning Multisensory EdTech Literacy Platform.

About the Client

The client is a global EdTech platform that is rapidly expanding. With an adaptive platform that delivers a delightful learning experience based on innovative teaching approaches, they are dedicated to helping children from all skill levels and socioeconomic backgrounds learn to read, write, and communicate. The client is dedicated to assisting millions of people from all around the world in overcoming their literacy challenges.


The client required a crowdtesting partner to evaluate their web and mobile apps in real-world settings involving a wide range of PC and mobile device models, operating systems, browser versions, and network conditions. The partner was also required to support non-functional testing for specific apps. The complexity was around testing hardware consoles across markets, the interoperability between consoles and devices, and ensuring coverage Chromebooks across USA.


O-primes, India’s leading quality assurance and crowd testing platform, provided a solution that included:

  • Selecting Crowdtesters for each test cycle from a profiled O-primes testing community of 25,000+ members to cover the target device models, system configurations, and locations
  • Engaging a testing team of 50 crowdtesters distributed across different cities, mostly Tier ii & iii in India with required devices such as low-end phones, ChromeOS, Desktop and Tablets
  • Identifying non-functional testing experts for various test cycles which covered App accessibility and performance
  • App distribution and website access that were only available through secure channels
  • Thorough due diligence & background check for each tester.

Key Highlights

Through the 6 months engagement O-primes team was able to deliver on execution excellence and ramped-up within 2 days to action the following:

  • Wide Ranging Platform Coverage: 20 Android Apps (Mini games) || 15 iOS Apps (Mini games) ||10 Web Apps (ChromeOS)
  • Thorough Testing: 27 Test Cycles with 30 crowdtesters each, which led to 810 defects being reported and it included 450 high level test scenarios’ design and execution
  • Testing Mode: Guided Exploratory (Test Scenario Based) which focused on discovery and relied on the guidance of the individual tester to uncover defects that were not easily covered in the scope of other tests.
  • Cost Reduction: Expense of 50 crowdtesters were found to be equivalent to 1 offshore resource
  • Reduction in test cycle time: Crowdsourced teams’ reported 33% less cycle time compared to conventional testing
  • 5X higher test coverage per cycle on as compared to the conventional industry average
  • Special Test – Shipped playsets to testers’ locations to get the playset dependent apps testing to test software and hardware functional compatibility

Services Used

Functional Behavior | App Performance | Multi-channel Compatibility | Localization | Focus Group Study | Usability


Testing on niche-supported devices in the US and China with shorter turn-around times (TAT) allowed the client to enter the market early at reduced costs and on the back of a well-qualified user experience. The comprehensive coverage across platforms which included Android, ChromeOS, iOS and Windows could give the client the added confidence in their end product. The team at O-primes ran special test by shipping playsets to testers’ locations to ensure that playset dependent apps testing, and software and hardware functional compatibility was ensured across markets.


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