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Oprimes Builds Quality Assurance Team & Enhances User Experience for a Leading E-Commerce Eyewear Brand.

Oprimes Builds Quality Assurance Team & Enhances User Experience for a Leading E-Commerce Eyewear Brand.

About the Client

The client is a renowned ecommerce eyewear company that specializes in a wide selection of creative eyewear. Fashion-forward, innovative eyeglasses, sunglasses for the young, a diverse assortment of frames, computer glasses, and customized lenses are among the company’s specialties.


To grow their business and succeed vis-à-vis existing competition, the client needed to establish an effective QA team and procedure within the company.


The team at O-primes, India’s largest digital assurance & crowd testing platform, put together a team of 100 test-users within 48 hours, much ahead of schedule. The detailed solutioning, which included functional testing and usability testing for the client included the following:

Functional (Web & Mobile) Testing:

  • Multiple interfaces, versions, browsers, and graphical user interfaces were tested:
  • Testing on different device configurations
  • Creating functional test cases
  • Execution of tests for ongoing releases
  • MySQL backend testing
  • Test execution as per impact analysis for each release
  • Implemented process simplification and centralized reporting

Usability Testing and Survey:

Usability testing, commonly referred to as User Experience (UX) testing, is a method of determining how simple and user-friendly a software product is. To expose usability flaws, a small group of intended end-users uses a software program. Usability testing focuses on a user’s ease of use, the application’s flexibility in handling controls, and the application’s capacity to accomplish its goals. Extensive and detailed Usability Surveys were carried out:

  • Mobile app usability study conducted through customized questionnaire creation
  • Detailed Qualitative and the Quantitative feedback and analysis obtained on major parameters that are critical to business
  • Competitive analysis through matching the end user demography to understand the client’s market standing visa-vis major competitors
  • Coverage included half the population from metro cities and the other half from tier 2&3 cities
  • Recommendations on application improvement areas

Key Highlights

  • High service quality: Delivered 10 releases in 6 months across Mobile and Web platforms
  • Timely deliveries: 90% releases tested successfully and delivered on time
  • Product market fit: 400 functional and UI defects reported
  • Business critical bugs reported: 200+ blocker & critical issues
  • Delivered ROI: Within six versions, there was a 70% reduction in UI bugs
  • Speed and agility: 100 test users onboarded for market survey within 48 hours

Services Used

Focus group study | Usability study


O-Prime’s solution helped the client benchmark and do competitor analysis with the leading player in the segment to deliver a competitive offering and enhanced customer experience the usability study which included 100 test users from the target market segment was instrumental in getting real people feedback and corroborate the product market fit. Additionally, 18+ actionable insights and inferences we delivered via the qualitative feedbacks were valuable for the business to better understand their audience’s needs and behavior. The agility in setting up & scaling quality assurance team, usability survey, competitive benchmarking and actionable insights played a critical role in building a superior experience for digital first business in a competitive space.


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