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Launching An EdTech Unicorn Start-up

Launching An EdTech Unicorn Start-up

About the Client

India’s largest online higher education company, the company provides programs in Data Science, Technology, Management and Law to students, working professionals and enterprises. Awarded as the best EdTech startup of the year.


The client’s end customers are a diverse group of people, ranging from students to working professionals. The content of EdTech is consumed by consumers on a range of devices. While this diversity was considered and addressed for urban consumers, users in Tier 2 and 3 cities faced a hurdle because of their low and mid-end device mix. Poor end user experiences, primarily in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, stemming from subpar app performance were a concern for their 1M user base across both their mobile application and web site. This necessitated broad-based quality checks that included testing across different types of OEM devices/handsets, testing different permutations and combinations of network bandwidth conditions, multi-platform compatibility testing, and qualitative research that included surveys from the target demographic.


Oprimes, India’s leading digital assurance and crowd testing platform, assembled a team of 50 test-users, with a staff of experienced test-managers assisting in prioritising and guiding these users.

Functional (Web & Mobile) Testing:

The following were included in the full solutioning for the client:

  • Design and execution of test cases for each app module.
  • Improvement of test cases in response to business-critical bugs and additional bugs introduced by low and mid-end devices.
  • Non-functional inspections such as interruptions, interfaces, and app speed
  • Identifying, reproducing, and analysing crash issues
  • Test payment flows, re-direction, and navigation, and determine whether the problem is app-related, user-related, or technological.
  • Experiment with various permutations and combinations of bandwidth conditions, Wi-Fi, notifications, or interruptions.
  • Evaluate the system’s response to invalid inputs or negative testing.

Multi-platform Compatibility Testing:

  • App behaviour testing on 50 popular device OEMs and system settings, including user interface, broken links, navigation, screen resolution, screen size, sensors, and more.

App Performance:

  • App performance under various network situations, battery usage, memory and CPU utilisation, crash analysis, and page rendering rates were all tested.

Usability Study:

  • Qualitative Study: Surveys based usability assessment from target demographic in India region with 50 test users.

Key Highlights

  • Timely and consistent: Over the course of four quarters, we delivered nine essential releases for multi-device compatibility.
  • Deep dig into functionality: 188 functional compatibilities, UI, and app performance issues were noted.
  • Criticality: 35.3 percent of the problems discovered were Major or higher in severity.
  • Extensive Testing: More than 200 situations involving multiple devices, different operating systems and platforms, and different networks were examined.
  • Localization and customization: Mid- and low-end phones were tested in 25 distinct locations throughout tier 2 and 3 cities.

Services Used

Functional testing | App performance | Multi-device compatibility | Focus group research | Usability testing | Crash testing | Multi-browser testing


The O-primes’ solution assisted in determining the root cause of app performance and UX issues in tier 2 and 3 cities, as well as assisting in their resolution and alignment with the target market. The end result was a great experience for end customers, resulting in increased market retention and growth in Tier 2 and 3 cities.



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