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AI Integration

Oprimes Partners with an E-Commerce Goliath to Deliver Cutting-Edge Digital Experience across 26 Countries & 5 Languages.

Oprimes Partners with an E-Commerce Goliath to Deliver Cutting-Edge Digital Experience across 26 Countries & 5 Languages.

About the Client

The client is an American multi-billion-dollar e-commerce giant running an online auction and shopping website spread across 30 countries.


The client needed post-release testing for their websites across 26 different countries and 5 different languages. This was to be coupled with an aggressive 8 release cycles within 16 weeks duration. Additionally, usability validations needed to be done across different customer channels which included different devices, OS & browser combinations. To close the loop, customer feedback on new features with enhancement requests also needed to be captured.


Oprimes, India’s leading digital assurance and crowd testing platform, provided a comprehensive and compelling solution:

  • Extensive Coverage: A proficient team of crowd testers with desired handsets, OS, language, and location coverage was put together promptly.
  • Fully Managed Service: O-primes set up an in-house team for Project & Test Management, Review & Reporting.
  • Effective Collaboration: Established communication and reporting protocol across client, internal and crowd teams making the process and working, efficient and teamwork seamless.
  • Comprehensive Testing: Leveraging the extensive crowd tester pool at O-primes holistic approach was adopted to ensure a superior customer journey for the e-commerce giant which spanned across: Accessibility, Compatibility, Content, Design, Functionality, General, L10N*, Legal, Navigational, L&P, Security, UX
  • Knowledge Sharing: The deep experience of the O-primes team and best practices developed were leveraged via O-primes Knowledge Center for problem solving and knowledge sharing

* L10N a.k.a Localization: Making a product, application, or document and content customizable to satisfy the cultural, linguistic, and other requirements of a certain country or locale is known as localization. The abbreviation for localization is L10N, where 10 is the number of letters between the letters l and n.

Key Highlights

  • Duration: A 16 week engagement resulted in an aggressive 8 test cycles
  • Crowd testing: 88 crowdtesters and 5 crowd champions helped real-world people test for real world situations.
  • Tickets logged: 2748 defects logged, and 150 new features and enhancements suggested helped build a robust digital experience.
  • Delivery model: Managed service through a hybrid crowd testing and outsourcing model covered the business requirements of the client.
  • Scope of coverage: 26 countries were covered across 5 languages
  • Technology coverage: Device matrix based on requirements cut across OS’s included Linux, Mac, Windows, and the Browsers included IE7 to 10, Firefox, Chrome and Safari

Services Used

Functional Behavior | Usability | App Performance | Multi-Channel | Compatibility | Localization | Security


The unique methodology at O-primes enabled a faster ramp-up which translated to 76 testers joining on Day 1 itself! The cost of testing was reduced by 56% as compared to industry benchmark leading to savings and an effective solution for future purposes. The test cycle execution time was of 1 week, was 33% less than conventional testing. This time efficiency helped the e-commerce behemoth with agility and better response time in developing premium customer experience.


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