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What is crowdtesting and how can it help your business?


What is crowdtesting and how can it help your business?

Businesses are constantly competing to ensure their websites and apps provide the best possible customer experience in today’s competitive global market. Crowdtesting is key to creating high-functioning software, and this method is quickly gaining popularity: the crowdtesting market size is expected to grow from $1,600,000 in 2022 to $2,500,000 in 2027.

Crowdtesting has become a viable alternative to traditional testing because of the quick turnaround time. Besides speed, crowdtesting has many other benefits that can help you assess your products before they are publicly launched. Let’s first dive into what crowdtesting is and how it works.

What Is Crowdtesting?

Crowdtesting, or crowdsourced testing, uses thousands of skilled testing vendors to carry out functional testing of a product before it’s released to the market. Various software such as mobile apps, websites, native desktop applications, or SaaS in different stages of development gets distributed to a large group of individuals, i.e., the crowdtesters. These crowdtesters then run the software on their devices and assess it for flaws and bugs while noting potential areas for improvement.

A crowd testing platform checks various software elements, including the user interface, text handling, security, and accessibility.

What Are The Benefits Of Crowdtesting?

The main advantage of crowdtesting comes from the large pool of testers and their varied experiences, thought processes, and devices. Working with an on-demand crowd testing platform can benefit your software in the following ways:

Human Diversity

When you crowdsource the testers for your software, it gets assessed by a large pool of individuals who have varying levels of expertise, speak different languages, belong to different cultures, and have unique demographic characteristics. This level of diversity goes beyond what a typical in-house QA team offers.

Unbiased Opinions

Since the software is evaluated by individuals not involved in creating it, there is less room for bias. Moreover, the testers belong to different groups and backgrounds, allowing them to identify and report any built-in assumptions.

Predict Your Target Market’s Response

While crowdtesting, it is possible to select a pool of testers whose characteristics match your target audience; this could be in terms of interests, gender, nationality, or age group. This allows you to test your product on people similar to your actual customers.

Hardware Diversity

Since different testers use different devices, crowdtesting allows you to test your product on various hardware and devices. The diversity of devices depends on the size of your tester group: the larger the pool of testers, the more kinds of devices are used. This also includes diversity in operations systems such as iOS or Android.

Environmental Variations

Unlike automated tests, crowdtesters use their human knowledge and discretion to discover problems in the product. In addition, since they use their devices as a regular person, they often have different privacy settings, ad blockers, and system configurations. Crowdtesting thus provides results that factor in real-world conditions, making them more accurate than those found in a lab setting.


Crowdtesting allows companies of all sizes, including small businesses, to test their software at scale. Previously, only large corporations could afford to do this as they would test their new products directly on customers. With crowdtesting, you get this relevant data before your actual launch, making you better prepared when releasing your product to the public.


With Crowdtesting, you don’t have to hire additional employees to conduct tests; instead, you can send your product out to testers whenever you need them. This makes crowdtesters a valuable resource as it gives you the flexibility to maintain a continuous development cycle and add extra resources on-demand.


Crowdtesting is extremely efficient as it allows you to run several tests simultaneously: multiple tests can use different hardware to test various elements at the same time. Crowdtesting thus helps you identify and fix flaws faster.

Streamlines The Workflow

By reducing the burden on your team, crowdtesting gives you more time to focus on the other aspects of introducing new software to the market. You can work with a platform offering managed crowd testing services to streamline your QA activities effortlessly.

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