Basic Cognizance of Mobile App Testing

This document will serve as a pioneer for all the naive and rookies to give the basic cognizance as briefly as possible and to fathom the core of mobile app

User experience testing and assurance a key factor...

User Experience Testing – A Key Factor for Product Success Understanding how individuals use your service or product is essential for any business that wants to accomplish high user satisfaction.

How WFH Is Productive and Challenges Faced By QA P...

WFH Becoming The Future In IT Sector:  I recently saw this article where Gartner (Gartner Research) published an article about how working remotely will be a rising trend and most of them

Smoke and Sanity Testing – What all Should b...

Software testing is very essential to release effective, efficient, and reliable software at a fast pace. There are many types of software testing such as smoke testing, sanity testing, and

Be a Crowd Tester – Learn, Earn and Grow

Everyday numerous company and individuals are building solution using technology (mobile especially) to solve human’s day to day problems (needs sometimes), but to make sure such solution whether in mobile/web

Glossary of Terminologies in Quality Assurance

A  Artifacts – A files created or used during the testing, like logs, images, documents etc., Automation Testing – A type of automated testing performed using some software tools to

Fundamentals Of Software Testing and Key QA Termin...

Introduction to Testing and Quality  Testing is a systematic exploration of a component or system with the main objective of finding defects and reporting them. If a financial software has

Introduction to Testing Principles and Test Proces...

Introduction to Testing Principles and Test Process It is important that we achieve optimum results while testing the software without deviating from the goal. But we need to determine that

Introduction to automation testing and tools

The test automation process consists of the use of specific software capable of controlling and managing certain tests. This is possible from the application of strategies and some tools that

Quality Assurance: Understanding the domain and te...

We are living in a period of transformation. Factors such as new demands from consumer markets, old imbalances in society’s demands, globalization, increased competitiveness, technological evolution, and dispute over scarce

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