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Look no further for getting key insights from your target users, oprimes has got you covered all the way.

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Oprimes uses the strength of technology and human touch to make your products win

Delivering superlative user experience is important to ensure increased adoption and usage of digital applications. However, developing a UI that is aptly suited to user needs is a major challenge for product teams.

End-to-end user testing solution from bugs, observations to user surveys, interviews and video narrations

Now you can reach to any target market for your applications.Our intuitive interface allows anyone to participate in user testing and research projects to provide you desired inputs and earn money in return.

Project creation

Project Creation

Validates whether the application has the desired functionality and if all business flows operate as anticipated, resulting in a high-quality end product.

coverage configuration

Tester Coverage Configuration

Multiplatform, multi-browser, and multi-device testing performed to ensure that the software runs seamlessly in different kinds


Bug Management

Design layout consistency, navigation throughout the application, links, and buttons work without disruptions validated to enhance the application quality.


Analytics Dashboard

Simple usage, ensuring end-user response and association with the application to provide a seamless experience and defect-free from an end-user perspective.


Survey Builder

App launch, crashes, ANR, hangs, download, loading, installation, upgrade use cases verification, and validation.



To verify the application adapts to specific regions or locations by validating the behavior, accuracy, expressions, multi-lingual text, orientations, and much more.


Tester Leaderboard

Trying to break the application through our highly skilled and expert test community.


Job Portal

Verifying transactions using real user accounts and active payment instruments.

Only platform delivering end-to-end crowdsourcing platform

Company Dashboard

Company have a full fledged dashboard to see all the details.

Company Dashboard

Project Bugs

Every project can have bugs with different properties as reported by testers

Project Bugs

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Many businesses across the globe trust us with their digital quality needs and believe we are the best

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