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App performance

The Ultimate Guide to Performance Testing


The Ultimate Guide to Performance Testing

If you’re a product owner, then you know that having a mobile app is no longer just a nice-to-have – it’s essential for staying competitive. But with so many different mobile platforms and devices out there, how do you make sure your app performs well on all of them? Apps are an integral part of our lives and they need to be high-performing to ensure a great user experience. Mobile app performance testing is essential to ensure that your app is functioning smoothly. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about performance testing solutions and performance testing services for mobile apps.

What is a mobile application? Why is performance testing important for mobile apps?

A mobile application or a mobile app is a software application designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Mobile apps help you stay connected with friends and family, conduct business, manage your finances and help you do so much more. A smartphone user on average uses 10 apps a day. Google Play Store statistics reveal that it currently has 3.84 million apps and 3739 apps are added daily. Mobile apps are projected to generate a revenue of $935 billion by 2023.

Before launching a new app, it is important to feel confident about its overall performance under different conditions. The easiest way to ensure that is by opting for performance testing services by performance testing experts like Oprimes. A performing testing company will run test simulations on mobile devices and share feedback on how well your product performs in real-world settings to ensure a smooth product launch and overall customer satisfaction.

What is mobile application performance testing?

Mobile application performance testing differs from software performance testing. It is the process of assessing the responsiveness, stability, and scalability of a mobile app. It’s important to undertake both Android performance testing and Apple performance testing before launch to avoid any negative impact on user experience and, as a result, app ratings and reviews.

What are some important front-end performance metrics? 

A positive user experience is essential for the success of any mobile app. This is impacted by a number of factors, such as how quickly the app loads, how responsive it is, and how stable it is. Front-end performance metrics testing helps identify any potential issues that could impact the user experience. Some important front-end performance metrics include:

  • App crashes: The number of times the app crashes or freezes.
  • App startup time: The time it takes for the app to load and be ready for use.
  • Response time: The time it takes for the app to respond to a user’s input.
  • Memory usage: The amount of memory the app uses.
  • Battery usage: The amount of battery power the app uses
  • Hardware or software variation: The app’s compatibility with different hardware or software configurations.
  • CPU and RAM usage:  The amount of CPU and RAM the app uses while it’s running.
  • App load time: The time it takes for the app to load all its content.

Performance testing tools, performance crowd testing and load testing services can help diagnose these potential problems and ensure that your application performs well.

What are some common performance issues that can occur with mobile apps?

Speed, response time, load time, and battery are the most common app performance issues detected by performance testing tools.  Potential users tend to abandon slow-running apps. A study by Compuware found that 79% of users will only retry a mobile app once or twice if it crashes, freezes or is too slow. In other words, if your app doesn’t perform well, you’re likely to lose users.

A mobile application can experience a number of performance issues due to a variety of factors such as:

  • App Crashes or Freezes: This is one of the most common performance issues and can be caused by a number of things, such as memory leaks, excessive use of resources, or poorly designed algorithms.
  • Slow Response Time: Heavy use of network resources, large data sets, or inefficient code can cause slow response times.
  • Drains Battery Life: Mobile apps that use a lot of power can drain a user’s battery quickly.
  • Data Loss or Corruption: This can occur if an app fails to save data properly or if it overwrites existing data.
  • Usage with Other Apps: When the application is running alongside other apps, it may interfere with their performance or use more resources than normal.
  • Memory Consumption: If an app uses too much memory, it can cause the device to slow down or even crash.
  • Compatibility with Different Devices: Not all smartphones offer similar functions. Some are faster than others, have different screen sizes, or use different operating systems. This can impact the performance of your app.
  • Prolonged Load Time: Load time is the time it takes for an application to start up for the first time. Performance testing experts state that ideally, the load time should be a few seconds for optimal performance.

Some of the best performance testing company like Oprimes helps evaluate how the end user’s experience is smooth by using web app performance testing, Android performance testing and Apple performance testing to cover all potential use cases.

What are some common mobile performance tests that should be conducted?

There are a number of common mobile performance tests that should be conducted. These include:

  • Connectivity-related testing: This type of mobile app performance testing is important to assess how well the app performs in different network conditions, such as WiFi, edge, and LTE.
  • Device-specific testing: Performance testing tools can assess how well the app performs on different devices, such as smartphones and tablets.
  • App load testing: Performance testing experts assess how well the app performs when it’s under a heavy load. Load testing services can help diagnose this issue faster.

Mobile app performance testing is an important part of product development. By ensuring that your product performs well under different conditions, you can feel confident about its launch. At Oprimes, we specialize in mobile app performance testing and can help you ensure that your product is ready for prime time. Contact us today to get started.