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Oprimes Bugathon II Results – March 2018 Edition


Oprimes Bugathon II Results – March 2018 Edition

Oprimes Bugathon 2 Results: The second edition of oprimes Bugathon (Indian leg) has come to a successful end. The enthusiastic participation of the oprimes members for this event was the key for it to reach the purpose.

The challenging structure of an online quiz app that had to be tested during its live quiz events was taken up by a large number of testers across the country, and the live testing for this quiz app was conducted thrice a day and was tested overall, for 90+ hours and with the FCFS approach around 76 bugs were reported!

Thank you to all the participants for making this edition of the oprimes bugathon, a great success!

The following are the winners of oprimes Bugathon Edition II:

Oprimes Bugathon 2 Results

Team of happy employees winning award and celebrating success. Business people enjoying victory, getting gold cup trophy. Vector illustration for reward, prize, champions concepts

1. Sunny Verma

2. Saravanan S

The best bugs of the Bugathon event were logged by:

3. Shirisha Gaddam

Hearty congratulations to all the winners and once again we thank the oprimes member community for the success of the event.

We would also like to congratulate all the participants of this event for their contribution and we look forward to your participation in the coming events.

We are all ears to know your experience of the event. Click here to share your feedback. We look forward to hosting you on the third edition of the oprimes bugathon (TBA).

Stay tuned to our social media pages for updates on such events and more!