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Oprimes Bugathon Results – January 2018 Edition


Oprimes Bugathon Results – January 2018 Edition

Oprimes Bugathon Results: The Indian edition of oprimes Bugathon has come to a successful conclusion and we would like to thank the oprimes member community for their support and participation.

We witnessed top-class testing from over 300 participants across the country, clocking in a combined total of 500 hours of hardcore testing.

Over 100 bugs were logged within the event. A total of 228 bugs were logged with over 100 bugs logged within the first 24 hours.

Oprimes Bugathon Results – January 2018 Edition

The following are the winners of oprimes Bugathon (January 2018):

1. Sunny Verma

2. Supriya Jamkhandi

The best bugs of the Bugathon event were logged by:

1. Prashant Kumar Ravi

2. Supriya Jamkhandi

3. Sunny Verma

Hearty congratulations to all the winners and once again we thank the oprimes member community for the success of the event.Please share your feedback of the oprimes Bugathon here, we’d love to hear from you.
Stay tuned for the upcoming oprimes Bugathon – bigger and better!
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We would also like to congratulate all the participants of this event for their contribution and we look forward to your participation in the coming events.

We are all ears to know your experience of the event. Click here to share your feedback. We look forward to hosting you on the third edition of the oprimes bugathon (TBA).

Stay tuned to our social media pages for updates on such events and more!


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