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An introduction to payment gateway testing


An introduction to payment gateway testing

E-commerce has transformed how we purchase products: in 2021, the number of digital buyers went up to 2.14 billion. In the same year, mobile e-commerce sales reached $3.56 trillion, which is 15.2% more than in 2020.

E-commerce websites and apps use payment gateways like PayPal, Razorpay, and Instamojo to help users complete these transactions. Therefore, these apps need to undergo payment testing to ensure a secure and user-friendly experience for the users. Moreover, given the many payment methods available to customers today, it is essential to carry out a variety of tests such as credit card payment testing, debit card payment testing, and UPI transaction payment testing.

This article will first dive into what payment testing is and why it’s critical. Next, it will outline the different payment testing types along with sample test cases. Lastly, it will highlight how you can carry out payment testing easily with the help of Oprimes.

What Is Payment Testing?

Payment testing, or payment gateway testing, is a process used to ensure that the payment gateway is well integrated with the application. It focused on testing the user experience, security, encryption, connectivity, performance, etc. It also gauges other elements of the online transaction and checks how they handle the customer’s sensitive data.

What Is The Importance Of Payment Testing?

Payment testing has many benefits. These include:

  • ​​Ensuring the user has a smooth and hassle-free experience while making the transaction.
  • Ensuring that the user successfully completes the payments to the relevant website.
  • Inspecting and removing any technical issues that arise during the payment process.
  • Evaluating if the customer’s data is vulnerable to third parties.
  • Reducing the risk of data glitches and protecting the user’s financial information from hackers.
  • Upholding the company’s reputation and brand loyalty by isolating and fixing security incidents.
  • Increases the customer’s trust; increasing the number of repeat shoppers.
  • Improving the speed, accuracy, and security of the payment process.

What Are The Types Of Payment Testing?

The types of payment testing you need to conduct can depend on your choice of gateway and your specific requirements. The commonly used types of payment gateway testing are:

Functional Testing

Functional testing is important for newer or less-established systems to ensure that the product is fully functional. It checks that all features are working as expected and helps verify both the gateway and the application. However, functional testing can be avoided if you are using a well-established payment gateway.

Some functionality-based test cases for payment gateways include:

  • Checking if the customer can access saved credit/debit cards on the payment page.
  • Verify if the option to set a default card is available.
  • Ensuring that the correct taxes, discounts, shipping fees, etc., are added to the total amount.

Integration Testing

E-commerce platforms require a payment gateway to be integrated into the system. Integration testing checks if the chosen payment gateways are working well in sync with the merchant website. You can follow these steps to check the transaction flow:

  • Place an order.
  • Verify if the correct amount of money is transferred to the merchant’s account.
  • Check if the transaction amount can be refunded or void without any errors.

Security Testing

While making a purchase online, users must enter sensitive information such as their credit card details. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that this data is encrypted to protect it from hackers and cyber attacks.

Some test cases for payment method while conducting security testing are:

  • Checking to make sure that all sensitive information such as card details gets encrypted.
  • Verifying that the payment occurs on a secure channel.
  • Ensuring the user receives the OTP from their bank while attempting to make a transaction.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is essential to ensure that the payment gateway can handle multiple transactions simultaneously, especially during sales or the holiday season.

Here are some sample test cases for payment gateway performance testing:

  • Checking that the session ends after the payment is completed.
  • Ensuring the portal does not crash under increased load.
  • Checking the time taken to redirect the customer from the online shopping cart page to the payment page.

Make Payment Testing Simpler With Oprimes

A safe and hassle-free payment process is integral to a positive e-commerce experience. However, even minor issues in the transaction process can make you lose a customer and hurt your brand’s reputation. This is why it’s crucial to carry out thorough cards and payments testing through a reputed platform like Oprimes.

Oprimes is India’s largest user experience (UX) and quality assurance crowdtesting SaaS [latform. We can help you conduct on-demand payment testing by curating the test-users group from your desired demographic and testing your product on multiple platforms, devices, and networks.

Oprimes helps you test your product at scale to build the best possible version of your app. Our quick turnaround time can get you results in 33% less time than conventional testing methodologies.