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Software Testing

Investing in Quality Assurance – Is That a Smart Move for Your Startup?


Investing in Quality Assurance – Is That a Smart Move for Your Startup?

According to the latest report by Statista around 26%, IT budget of an organization is accounted for quality testing and quality assurance, and this is expected to be increased up to 40%. These numbers give me an understanding that the industry realizes the importance of quality testing. Being a test consultant myself, I believe testing is very crucial not just to assure the quality of the product, but also to gain confidence with respect to user experience and market alignment of the product.

However, the above budgeting numbers look affordable for established organizations, but what about startups? As it is a known fact that cost is always a major challenge for startups and an investment in quality assurance testing is often considered as an added cost. Understanding the importance of quality and yet compromising on it is no less than a disaster. ROI for implementing testing is – best quality and enhanced user experience.

Software Testing for Startups

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Is quality assurance a necessity?

The answer is clearly, YES. But the current mindset is that quality assurance is a part of dev team activity and hence a separate test team is not required. But, here is the catch, code quality will always be a part of dev team but what about assurance on best quality and user experience? Also, can a developer mindset and tester mindset be similar? Not really!  Developer testing for me is like a nurse performing critical operation just to save patient for that moment and leaving the patient with a lot of side effects which are harmful. Not being too judgmental here and just understanding that it is simple as a nurse does not have the required expertise and is not well trained to perform this activity.

Taking a wiser call on introducing quality assurance testing at the right phase of the product life cycle with the right set of expertise and resources prevents post-release defects, side effects and bad user experience rate.

Best quality dimensions:

  • Bug-free product
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Highest compatibility matrix rate
  • Market alignment

And these dimensions combined answers questions like – does the app work as expected? Is the app usable? Is the app well market aligned? And finally, is this the best quality app?

Quality can be achieved through a timely and appropriate testing strategy, which minimizes risks and boosts business profit potential.

In a Nutshell

Quality is a definite need and it is applicable for any section of the industry. Small or big firms should seriously consider the benefits and need for quality testing solutions that assure the best quality and user experience of their product as it would eventually decide their future success.

Cost for startups is a key challenge, but this requires a well-crafted plan at the strategic level that will ensure all quality goals are easily met without any compromises.

Besides this, the main objective is to provide a bug-free product that runs smoothly and has a seamless user experience. A successful product journey is not possible without proper quality testing or quality assurance.

So, is there a cost-effective quality testing solution for startups to enable their quality goals easily?

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