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User Testing
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User surveys
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Managed Work Package
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oprimes self service is helping 100s of Founders, CTOs, QA and Product Managers of growth stage startups to improve their app iteratively and make it stable by identifying all possible functional, compatibilty and usability issues in their apps.

You can setup your own project, upload app builds iteratively and keep receiving bug reports from testers until your app is bug-free. All at a fixed price!

User Testing

Get your app quality tested thoroughly on hundreds of HW/SW configurations and languages in real-world conditions.

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Compatibility Testing

Guided exploratory testing through test scenarios. Testing in real-conditions on real devices. Compatibility of app for various types of crashes - broken links, UI, navigation, integrations.

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Localization Testing

Detailed localization testing covering multi-lingual text and UI compatibility, orientations, expressions, much more.

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Usability Testing

Guided exploratory testing through test scenarios. Testing the Usability, UI, navigation, icons, fonts, button, links, graphics and alignment.

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Beta Testing

Structured beta testing to assess market readiness of the app in live conditions. Sometimes it is also known as User Acceptance Testing.

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Network Testing

Analysis of live performance of your app for streaming speed, page rendering, upload / download speeds, application size, battery consumption, memory & CPU utilization, under diverse network conditions.

User surveys

Get your app evaluated by test-users from your target demographic across the globe.

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Both qualitative and quantitative user experience study conducted over target demographic to evaluate overall impact of product on the users and identify areas of improvement.

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Production Audit

Live user audits for apps and services, sanity testing, ad-hoc testing and new launch testing.

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Competitor Analysis

Analysis of similar apps or services in the market on standard parameters to identify market position and areas of improvement.

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Telecom VAS

Live user audits for apps and services at the desired location and network. Spot checks of given link / test case / task at the desired location and network.

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Micro Tasks

Multilingual content validation, data and image validation, content localization.

Managed Work Package

Define any QA work package and get test experts to delivered it to you at a fixed price.

Functional Testing

Detailed functional testing through low-level test cases.Testing of standard flows, business rules, navigation, crashes, integrations and interfaces.

Regression Testing

Get a modularized and prioritized regression suite designed with risk-based-testing methodology. Achieve scale through on-demand execution of regression suite within hours by qualified testers having relevant domain expertise.

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Test Automation

Access ready-to-use automation frameworks for multi-browser web apps, multi-device mobile apps, and APIs. Get your own frameworks designed on latest tool/technology through architects. Achieve scale through on-demand scripting by automation engineers.

Performance Testing

Ready-to-use Apache Jmeter / Neoload based load/performance testing setup for concurrent usage, throughput, CPU and Memory utilization.

Accessibility Testing

Assessing app accessibility through exploratory mode or through test plan as per accessibility standards such as WCAG 2.0 / 2.1 AA, AAA or Standard 508.

Security Testing

Assessing static or dynamic app security through exploratory mode or through threat model as per security standards such as OWASP, HIPPA, PCI etc.

Hire a Tester

Post a job and get qualified tester(s) on-demand for any desired skillset and duration.

Functional Testers

Qualified test professionals with relevant industry experience

Automation Engineer

Technical experts experienced on industry-leading tools and frameworks

Test Manager

Senior QA leaders adept at test planning and implementation

Performance Test Engineer

Technical specialists skilled on automated performance tools and analytics

Security Analysts

Renowned ethical hackers and security researchers

Specially-abled Testers

Testers with disability trained on accessibility guidelines to assess as endusers

Partner Solutions

Get enabled as a partner and deliver end-to-end digital quality solutions by your own team.

Crowd Testing

Be a partner with oprimes and run your own crowdtesting practice with oprimes crowd.

You can choose a cluster of testers from oprimes community. This cluster becomes your personalized crowd community that you can use to run different test projects on oprimes, while accessing all oprimes features and tools.

Bring Your Own Crowd

Be a partner with oprimes, run your own crowdtesting practice with your own crowd.

You can onboard your own tester pool as a private cluster. This cluster can be dedicatedly used by your team to run different test projects on oprimes. You will also have access to all oprimes features and tools.

White Label Platform

Be a partner with oprimes, run your own crowdtesting practice with your own crowd and your own platform instance.

You can get your own secure and private instance of oprimes on which you can onboard your own tester pool. This platform will be dedicatedly used by your team to run different test projects on oprimes. You will be the admin for your platform and will be able to configure all the oprimes features and tools, and maintain data security.

Crowd Consultation

Let us help in enablement of your organization for crowdsourced testing.

End-to-end consultation for setting up an industry leading crowdsourced testing practice.

Understand and evaluate the model, industry overview, identify the use cases, create a business case, select the best-fit model, phase-wise implementation, support in adaptation and change management, designing marketing and sales pitches, hand-holding for solutioning and client deliveries.

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