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User Testing

Don’t ignore your tester, she is your first user and knows more than anyone else


Don’t ignore your tester, she is your first user and knows more than anyone else

As software and digital products continue to evolve, so does the role of software testers. Traditionally, testing was a very linear process. Business analysts would create use cases that were then executed by testers.

However, over time testers started playing a more proactive role in the testing process. Rather than just carrying out test cases, they got involved in their planning and creation, giving suggestions to improve them to meet user expectations better.

Suppose you’re developing an app X for ordering food online. The tester herself would be an end-user for the platform. She would not only help you check if everything is working as it should but also test if the user experience is of the highest level. Such critical insights can be the determining factor in the failure or success of a new software.

Software testers play an undeniable part in the launch of a high-quality, bug-free digital product. First, let’s understand a little more about the roles and responsibilities of tester in software testing.

What Does A Software Tester Do?

A software quality tester is someone who tests software for bugs, faults, defects, or any other issue that could impair the functionality or user experience of a digital product.

A QA software tester uses manual and automated software testing methodologies to carry out functional and non-functional testing of software as part of the software development team.

Software Testing As A Career Path

If you’re considering software testing as a career path, you’re lucky. Software testing is a highly sought-after role in the tech industry, and companies are vying to hire talented tech professionals. The software testing career path is suited for quick learners who are very detail oriented and willing to evolve with the constant changes in the world of tech. If you’re not looking for a nine to five desk job, you can also consider becoming a freelance software tester.

How Can Testers Get Involved At Different Steps?

By appropriately involving testers at each level, you can ensure a reduction in software failures and bugs.

Let’s see how increasing the role of the software tester can contribute to the success of the overall project:

Testers Involved In Requirement Reviews and User Story Refinement

Including testers in the requirement phase would mean that certain requirement flaws are found even before they are implemented. This would considerably lower the cost of fixing them. At this stage, the tester also learns a lot about the project, which then supports her during the project’s implementation phase.

Testers Working With System Designers

When testers work closely with the system designers, they get a better understanding of each part of the design. This reduces the chance of major design flaws and allows errors to be identified at an early stage.

In addition, it would improve the quality of integration scenarios.

Testers Working Closely With Developers

When a tester works in close proximity with the development team, it improves her understanding of each part of the code. This enables the tester to conduct more efficient testing against customer requirements, decreasing the risk of defect slippage.

During this stage, the tester learns about the areas considered risky by the developers, making her re-adjust her testing priorities.

Moreover, the tester can also share her insights with the developer, helping reduce bugs without carrying out an extensive defect management process.

Testers Conducting A Pre-release Verification And Validation Of The Digital Product

Extending the software tester responsibilities in this phase helps identify potentially-unnoticed errors and supports the process of removing flaws that caused the failures. Therefore, executing tests at various levels increases the probability that the digital product will have fewer errors and provide a better user experience.

Work With Expert Testers At Oprimes

There is no doubt that your tester is your first and most crucial user. By involving her at multiple stages in the development process, you can reduce the time spent in fixing defects later.

Oprimes has a community of over 4,000 highly-skilled testers from across the globe. This curated and vetted tester community has access to thousands of devices and platforms, along with comprehensive ready-to-use test cases, to detect and report any bugs in your digital product.

Our test lab has hundreds of test engineers working on process innovation and automation, reusable test case designing, and non-functional utilities to innovate in all areas of quality continuously.

Whether you require function or non-functional testing, we can help you meet your QA needs within the assigned deadline and budget.

Over the last five years, Oprimes has helped over 400 businesses of all sizes and scales, from startups to large enterprises such as PhonePe and HDFC Bank, deliver best selling apps. So sign up with Oprimes today and discover the best testers for your product.